You may be familiar with the TV program “The Amazing Race”. We have patterned around this show to create an Amazing Race Fundraiser.
Like the TV show teams are given challenges to complete at various places in your community. Each team can be from 2 to 5 individuals. When they arrive at a destination, they will be given a challenge for that destination. Any member of the team may complete the challenge.

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From the starting line, each group are given a clue leading them to another checkpoint and they should effectively complete difficulties– following clues– till they reach the end of the race. The conclusion of the race includes a party for all the participants plus prizes for the winning teams. Each group needs to raise funds to benefit your organization in order to qualify for the race, and can be awarded advantages in the race or additional rewards for being among the leading fundraisers.

Each participant can have a FANTASTIC time doing enjoyable and often even silly challenges … all they have to be is daring enough to try something brand-new

Like some of our earlier ideas like the Challenge Events, teams have to raise a minimum of number of dollars either from themselves or personal sponsors to take part in the race. The more cash raised for the Cause, the better the beginning position of the team will certainly have at the starting line, for the Amazing Race Fundraiser.
You can limit the number of teams, but should shoot for at least 25. Teams can not participate until they have paid the entry fee to your organization.

Here you can let your imagination run wild. You can make a team shoot a basket in a basketball hoop while standing with their back to the hoop. Another crazy stunt, is to shoot a hole in one through a windmill at a putt-putt course., make them cook a cupcake using an eazy bake oven. You see where I’m going.

Race obstacles test a contestant’s psychological and physical ability during a range of activities. Running and walking can be called for at times get to different places. Transport can be made difficult, for instance, Kayaking and rock climbing can be part of the program. Eating challenges can be part of the program, for instance, contestants may have to eat a whole pie, or six hot dogs as part of their challenge.

Each team should have ten destinations and a challenge at each. At completion of the challenge the time should be noted. The top five teams at fundraising will be given a bye for one destination and challenge of their choice. You should mix and match these destinations, so that not all teams go to a destination at one time. The only exception to this rule is that the final destination be the same for all participants. It should probably a restaurant, where food and drink is available for a winner’s celebration.
In addition for prizes for the three winning teams, a special prize can be given to the best fundraiser.

Like the TV program, The Amazing Race Fundraiser can have elimination rounds, if you prefer. This may be necessary if some of your venues only want a limited number of participants.
Training for an amazing race fundraiser is not hard. Remember this is a team sport, so your team should have a variety of skills. Participants may be called on to sing, do word puzzles, physical activities and other tasks. One important thing, part of the score will be based on time limits, so teams should train to be able to do tasks in the minimum amount of time.

Check out this video about an event like this held each Year

Finally, have your group obtain sponsors. Local businesses can form teams, give prizes, and act as volunteers. Make sure to give all your sponsors proper recognition for their participation in he amazing race fundraiser.

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