The Biggest Loser Challenge is a fundraiser based on the popular television show. This can be a very popular fundraising program, which is both healthy for the participants and also can raise significant funds for your cause. It also can be a major public relations coup for your organization.

Fundraising for the Biggest Loser Challenge is multi-faceted. First you should fundraise using sponsorships. Sponsorships can be done in two ways.

Some companies such as the local Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig licensee can offer free memberships or benefits for contestants. Possible other sponsors of this type could be a local fitness center, a local Subway franchise, and others who can offer goods or services.

Biggest Loser challenge

Biggest Loser

You will also want to get sponsors who contribute funds to the Biggest Loser Challenge. These could be local Physicians, Radio and TV stations, Newspapers, etc. As in any fundraisers, sponsors of a Biggest Loser challenge need to be given publicity for their sponsorship.

The second area for fundraising is to obtain contestants. As in most challenge events, contestants need to obtain pledges that they will complete the challenge. Many of these events usually require the contestant to obtain a minimum dollar amount of pledges to participate. I would suggest that these contestants provide at least $100 in pledges for participation.

You should be prepared to give contestants prizes for various levels of achievement. For example; prizes can be given for
1- The most money raised.
2- The first contestant to reach the goal.
3- All contestants who achieve the goal
Many of these prizes can be donated and might be received from some of the above sponsors.

A time limit should be established for the contest, and also for the amount of weight loss. I recommend that the weight loss be at least ten pounds and the time limit be set for at least ten weeks.

A Biggest Loser Challenge event will be given a lot of publicity for your organization, so you will need to add a good publicity person to your committee.

So if you are looking for a fundraiser that can raise money, emphasize good health, and provide great publicity for your organization, then consider holding a Biggest Loser Challenge.

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